Sunday, February 27, 2011

Blog Prompt #19 - 20

19) Can you think of anything that...
...should not be photographed? Why?
I think that a photographer should be sensitive about moments that are considered personal, that people may not want photographed. For example, when entering a home, the private happenings between family members are very personal.
...cannot be photographed? Why?
I don't think that there is anything that cannot be photographed. Some things may be harder to photograph because they are in difficult spaces, they move fast, etc. But I do not think there is anything that cannot be captured. For example, even emotions or feelings can be captured. The anguish and pain on the face of a sad child is easily distinguished from the joy in the eyes of a happy child. do not want to photograph? Why?
I think that documenting social events or circumstances through photography could potentially be a discouraging thing to do. For example, documenting war, genocides, poverty/squalor, etc. would likely leave a photographer feeling depressed about capturing such intense/raw images of the situations.

20) Describe at least one photograph that you could take for each of the following “place” prompts.
  • An image of a synthetic “place” such as Disney World, Las Vegas, a Hollywood set, a diorama, etc. - I picture something Lady Gaga-esque. Flashy/Sparkly/Bright, exotic, unexpected and exciting.
  • An image of a fantasy/fictitious environment concocted from your imagination - I imagine a scene that is eerie and dreamlike but bright. It is cloudy/foggy and the world is made of strange things, similar to an Alice in Wonderland or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory scene.
  • An image of a placeless space such as the Internet, cell phones, e-mail, e-bank, surveillance, etc. - I imagine an abstract image that captures the radio waves, cables, air space, etc. that are used to send each of these forms of communication from one person to another.
  • An image of a public space - I immediately imagine a park, filled with trees, benches, and lots of people. The sun is shining brightly and the sky is bright blue.
  • An image of a private space - I imagine a bedroom. A place very personal to an individual, a place to get away to.
  • An in-between space that brings to mind one of the following ideas: nomadic lifestyles, displacement, rootlessness, out-of-placeness, boundaries, movement, expansion, etc. - I picture the changing scene in one's life as they grow up from childhood to adulthood. One moment you are surrounded by toys and no responsibilities. The next moment you are surrounded by bills and a full time job.

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