Monday, February 21, 2011

Assignment 002 - Written Statement Part 2

Image 001 ‘Intimate’ – This seemed to be the photograph that got the most suggestions for improvement. The print version of this image turned out darker than the image appears on a computer screen so much of the light was lost. It was suggested that the shadow on the arm/neck area was sort of confusing because it blended in so much with the shadows in the background. If I could reshoot this photo, I would probably make sure that there was some amount of light or a reflector was used to aim light towards that area so the detail was not lost.

Image 002 ‘Gender/Sexuality’ – For this image the main suggestion was that the few distracting elements in the background be taken out so that the focus was completely on the subject. The framing of this photo works particularly well, because only seeing half the eyes sort of creates a greater mystery as to the gender of the subject. The haphazardly created mustache also adds to the photo in a sense that it seems to be a comic play on the topic of gender/sexuality rather than a serious commentary.

Image 003 ‘Slow Shutter Speed/Self Portrait’ – There were less comments from my peers on this image than on the others. I think that it works well as a self portrait because it is so abstracted. I think this would be an awesome concept to take and use for a series of self portraits done in a slow shutter speed. In addition, I think that altering the background and lighting to create a completely different feeling based on the self portrait would be an interesting concept.

Image 004 'Fast Shutter Speed' – In this image the motion is captured well, but there is not too little or too much snow in the frame. The trees work really well as a frame for the subject, instead of just having the subject in front of a non descriptive background. I could see this image as part of a series documenting a snow day or some other fun winter event. I think the most important element in it is the sense of frozen time that it creates so it would be important to carry that theme throughout a series of similar pictures.

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