Monday, February 14, 2011

Assignment 002 - Portraiture

Image 001: Intimate

Written Statement Part 1
I wanted the framing of this image to focus on the subjects and to not have much of a background so that there was nothing to distract the viewer. I originally wanted the subjects to be silhouetted or backlit but I couldn't get the lighting right. I like the way that the photo ended up though because the light helps to focus on the subjects faces. The prompt behind this photo was 'intimate' so the concept or idea was to show two people with a close relationship to one another in order to create a feeling of intimacy. I think that this image could be put alongside images from photographers that have done social documentary work. It captures an innocent and candid moment between two people, commenting on their everyday life that the world otherwise would not have seen.

Image 002: Gender/Sexuality

Written Statement Part 1
For this image the cropping/framing was done with the intent that it would show less of the subject and therefore give away less clues as to the gender of the subject. Also, so that the focus was on the subject and not the background elements, which would have been distracting. In creating this image I wanted to create a play on questions about gender and sexuality. The use of the obviously fake mustache makes the photo less serious (almost comical) although it can still raise such questions. I think that this photograph could be compared with the works of photographers who have taken photos that invoke discussion and cover controversial topics.

Image 003: Slow Shutter Speed/Self Portrait

Written Statement Part 1
This picture came about largely by accident. This was used for both the slow shutter speed prompt and the self portrait prompt. I initially wasn't expecting to create such an eerie photo. I think that the perspective being from a little higher up than the subject adds to the eerieness, because we're looking down at the subject as if it's something less than human. I also think that it seems like the subject is fading is and out of consciousness, maybe really tired or overwhelmed. I think that it works well for a self portrait because there's a time when we all feel kind of like that so the image then becomes relateable to its audience.

Image 004: Fast Shutter Speed

Written Statement Part 1
For this image I intentionally used the trees as a frame for the subject so that the viewer would zone in on what the subject was doing. The idea was to capture the subject enjoying themselves playing in the snow. I think that the subject did a good job of conveying that they were truly having a good time and the fast shutter speed helped to capture that. I think that the lighting on her hair and face also help add to the composition because it is bright and sunny out, meaning it's impossible to not be enjoying yourself.

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