Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Assignment 001 - Written Statement Part 2

Image 001 ‘Light’ – I think that the lighting of this image is working well. I really like the contrast that is created by the parts of the jar that the light didn’t hit and the part of the jar where the light is most concentrated. If I could change one thing about it I would angle the jar to create a more dramatic diagonal line because I think that the slight diagonal line creates some interest. Like I said in part one of the written statement, if I could redo this shoot I would play around with different containers to see how the light looked reflected in to them. Ie. glass versus plastic, a drinking cup/glass versus a bottle, etc. I would also use different kinds of lighting to see what variation in effects I could create.

Image 002 ‘Burnt Out’ – This is one of my favorite images but there are a still a number of things that I would change about it/redo. To begin, I would have someone to help me because lighting the matches and trying to take the picture was really difficult. I ended up having to set the timer so that I could light the matches all at the same time. I would also change the composition. At first I like the diagonal that the image was taken on but I now find it to be distracting so I would change that and the framing a little. I would also experiment with when I lit the matches more if I didn’t have to focus on doing that and taking the picture.

Image 003 ‘Sparty Wants You’ – This image is probably my least favorite of my 3 final images. I really like the concept behind it but I didn’t quite execute the technical aspects of it the way I had planned in my head. I wanted the finger to appear more in the foreground and the face to appear more in the background, almost to a point where they seemed disconnected. If I redid this image I would focus on trying to create this greater sense of depth in order to create a stronger image. I also think I would have experimented with a similar concept for different organizations and groups to see what I liked best. My favorite part of this image is the framing. I think that the amount of the subject that is in the frame is perfect.

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