Thursday, April 28, 2011

Blog Prompt #26

Brainstorms! (In an effort to expand, improve, add complexity, and push your final projects further, please pick 10 of the following to discuss.)

  1. Ideas sometimes grow out of irritation. What is a negative thought you are having about your project? What is the opposite of this negative thought? How could you implement a change in your project so that this negative thought will subside?
  2. What is the “opposite” of your final project? How can you rework your project to include the “opposite”?
  3. What is a consistent theme/visual element in your project? What would be the opposite of this? How can you implement that into your project?
  4. Type twenty words or phrases that relate to your project.
  5. At the deepest core, describe why you like this project. Dig deep!
  6. Expand your project. If time, money, materials, etc would not affect you, how would you expand your project?
  7. Contract your project. What would it boil down to if squeezed and contracted to its simplest form?
  8. Look at one of your images. Redesign it entirely.
  9. Divide your project into three components. Rearrange and reassemble them in your mind.
  10. List your assumptions about your project. Reverse these.
  11. What would your project look like 100 years ago? What would your project look like 100 years in the future?
  12. Remove something from your project. How does it change?
  13. Persuade the reader that your project works well and is the most amazing project you have ever completed.
  14. Persuade the reader that your project stinks. Then, persuade the reader that you will make changes so that it no longer stinks.
  15. Think of one of your most memorable dreams. How could you add elements from this dreams to your project?
  16. How would you convert your project into a narrative? How would you remove any narrative from your project?
  17. How would you connect your images physically and conceptually? How would you make them disconnected physically and conceptually?
  18. What would happen if you demolished your project and reconstructed it physically or conceptually?
  19. Name an artist/photographer/designer/videographer who would love your project. Why?
  20. Name an artist/photographer/designer/videographer who would hate your project. Why?
  21. How would you make your project more edgy, saccharine, provocative, empty, revealing, concealing, funny, sad, mysterious, blunt, honest, disingenuous, fast, slow, playful, austere, hateful, lovable, bold, subtle, long, short, big, small, connected, disconnected?

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