Monday, April 11, 2011

Blog Prompt #25

You as Curator
1) Frank Celaya: Since this photographer was at the top of the list, he was one of the first ones I saw. I found these pictures to be unique because it is common to see photographs of nude female models but less common to see photographs of nude male models.

2) Matt Dixon: I like these photos because they are different from a lot of the others. While they are abstracted, my mind also tries to figure out what object or place this could be an extreme close up of.

3) Diane Moore: I like this set because it makes me feel like I have a personal relationship with the subjects. The photographer seemed to go in to their natural 'habitat'/environment and document their every day surroundings and life.

4) Robert Leon: I chose this photographer because I like that while his photographs capture a culture that is not very modernized yet, there is evidence of Western influences on the people.

5) Dave Reist: I chose this photographer because this image would have taken some skill, or maybe really good luck, to capture. In a way, the subbject is almost abstracted because of the wave in front of him.

6) Steven Laxton: I am intrigued by this set of photographs because he makes the subjects seem almost non human, although they are obviously human figures.

7) Debbie Osterhage: I was drawn to this photographers work because of the unique use of lighting on both human and non human subjects.

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