Friday, April 1, 2011

Blog Prompt #24

A. Pick two images from any of the “constructed reality” photographers presented in class or linked on the assignment sheet. Describe how you could recreate these two images on a “smaller scale”.

I can see this image by Nazif Topcuoglu being reconstucted on a miniature scale with barbies or perhaps some other type of doll. I think recreating the image with Barbies would create an interesting alteration on the photo because barbies have less fluid/organic lines and more harsh/hard lines to their forms.

For this image by Seungwoo Back I would recreate it on a smaller scale using legos for the buildings and paper to recreate the boats on a smaller scale.

B. Describe your plans for your self-proposed final project (if the plan is the same as before, paste it here again and give a bit more detail). During the final critique for Assignment #5, you will discuss/present these ideas to the class.

I am currently still trying to decide between three general directions for my final project. 1) 100 Strangers (or a variation, ie. a different number), basically the project would include approaching strangers and asking them first of all to take their picture. Then to talk to them about themselves/their background/etc. The project would be a sort of documentary of a random sampling of people. I'm also thinking about steering the project in a more narrow direction such as only MSU students or something of the sort. 2) A-Z, this project would include a photo for each letter of the alphabet. 3) Color project. This project would include at least 7 sets, each being focused on a different color.

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