Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Assignment 004 - Popular Media/Culture

Image 001 - Billboard
For this image I wanted it to be simple, yet for their to be some element that was attention grabbing. The billboards you notice on the side of the road are the ones that have something to draw you in. In this case I used the words 'good things' (because who doesn't want good things?), as well as the bright colors of the two Smirnoff bottles to potentially draw the viewer in. I also used the lighting to create the specific emotion I wanted the viewer to feel. The bright, cheery lighting of the bottles is more likely to make a viewer want to try them then a dark image would.

Image 002 - TV Still/Advertisement
This set of images was inspired by the TV commercial advertisements put out by the Apple to promote their ipods. In order to create the silhouetted figure and the solid background I took a picture of the subject posing against a solid color wall. The figures were then overexposed until they appeared to be silhouetted, while the background remained at a normal exposure. The shadows that appear behind the figures are the actual shadows that the subjects created on the wall. I changed the background colors to be more vibrant and saturated to draw attention like the ipod commercials do. I think that images are easy to connect with the original Apple versions but they still have a unique twist of their own. The Apple images use shades of grey in order to define clothing and white to define the figure's ipod. However, my images are solid black, with the only midtones beind the shadows they cast on the wall behind them. I think that this is a good middle ground between recreating the Apple images exactly and creating a completely different image.

Image 003 - Stock Photography
This image was created using very brightly colored faux flowers. I framed the image so that the sole focus was the flowers, ie. no background or other elements to distract the viewer. I used natural lighting, which I think was successful at creating fairly high contrast between the lighter colored flowers and the darker colored flowers. My motivation for this image was images of flowers that I have seen in the past. When you search for an image of 'flowers' on the internet it is common to see a close up of a single flower or a bouquet just like this image. I think that photographing the flowers in black and white instead of color gives them a completely different feel. While the lighting still allows the viewer to sense a bright scene, the colors are not there to immediately attract attention and create vibrant contrast.

Image 004 - Polaroid
For we created a 'polaroid frame' using a poster board. Instead of framing the picture and then using the computer to add the recognizable polaroid frame, we decided it would be more fun to create a 3D object to play with during the photoshoot. I also put a tint on the final image to make it seem like it was an older shot.

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