Thursday, January 27, 2011

Assignment 001 - Explore

Image 001: Light

I chose to include only part of the jar so that it created some question as to what the actual object was. I think that the diagonal line contributes to the interestingness of this photo. Had I chose to shoot th
e jar from a horizontal or vertical perspective it would have taken away from the photo. The most important element in this photo is the light. The lighting is dramatic and makes the viewer question where it is coming from. The prompt that inspired this image was light. I feel like that message is successfully conveyed in this image because the lighting is strong and adds an interest element to the photo. This image was kind of an accident but ended up being one of my favorites. I was using Christmas lights inside the jar to try to create an image I liked. After getting bored with just the Christmas lights I tried to find different kinds of light that I could use; a flashlight was one of the first things I found. Despite the flashlight being dim, terrible lighting I think that it worked well in this photo since it was concentrated into the jar. I think that my photo is an interesting use of light however it would be useful to redo this shoot and try reflecting the light into different containers to see what kinds of results I could get.

Image 002: Burnt Out

I feel that in this image line is an important element. The image was taken at an angle but the matches were arranged on a straight line so it creates a contrast between the two. The vertical lines of the matches themselves also create contrast among the varying lines in the image. The dark already burned out parts and the light unburned parts of the matches also create contrast between one another. The only thing in focus is the matches, creating a very short depth of field. In creating this image I was trying to capture the moment when the match took flame. However, the only match that just took flame was the one to the far right. Although, I think that the different lengths that each match had been burning creates a more interesting image. It tells a story of the lifespan of a match: from the beginning being not burned at all to the end when it’s all black and burnt out and every step in between. In this sense I feel like the image creates a feeling of sorrow because one realizes how quickly a match goes from useful to garbage.

Image 003: Sparty Wants You

I chose the orientation of this image as portrait in order to attempt to create a greater sense of depth. The subject is cropped to dominate the frame because there is no background that adds to the story of the photograph. The finger is in focus and the figure is out of focus because the emphasis is on the message behind the pointing figure and also to create a sense of depth. In creating this image I was trying to create my own version of the 1917 “Uncle Sam Wants You” propaganda poster. The twist being that instead of Uncle Sam, Sparty Wants You. My image seems to create a more relaxed atmosphere based on the facial expression of the subject. I think that the message could have been made even stronger if the subject had been decked out in more Spartan gear.

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